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Why Do I Need A Lawyer For Court Issues?

“Why do I need a lawyer for court issues?” is a common question asked to Mr. Tyler Monahan and the other Lawyers at Turner Monahan.

The best way to think about this is with the same idea of going in for surgery.

If you found out that you needed to have surgery on your arm, you wouldn’t call the hospital and tell them to set up a room for you.  And that you are going to do your own surgery and administer your own anesthesia.

They are Doctors of Medicine, and we are Doctors of Law. Law is a very specialized business and practice.

We at Turner Monahan do not advocate for someone to go into court on their own. There are too many rules, laws, and regulations.

It is also tough to understand from an evidence standpoint on how to get all the facts in front of a court and make sure you have everything. Also making sure you didn’t leave anything out or get an objection and not knowing how to handle them properly under the rules of evidence.

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