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How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Custody Case

“How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Custody Case?” is a question that Mr. Monahan receives quite frequently from clients that are going through a Custody Case.

It is a loaded question with many different factors playing a part in the speed in which your case will be resolved.

The one thing that it really depends upon is if the parents are going to co-parent with one another.

Co-Parent – (especially of a separated or unmarried couple) share the duties of parenting (a child).

Children want to be loved and have both parents in their life. We advocate that parents make an attempt to co-parent, with the best effort at putting their children first.

At the end of the day, the case will be finalized after the judge has made an agreement or the parties involved have made an agreement.

If the parties (most times the parents) can come to an agreement, the case will end much quicker!

There are situations when there is no other option but to go through a long drawn out litigation.

In those cases, the time it takes to resolve your custody case will then depend on the facts presented and at the time in which the court has to hear them.

We attempt to have our clients in a position where they can make an agreement.

Being able to come to an agreement with the other parent helps avoid having to go through hours of trial in front of a judge, that is then going to make a decision for your child that affects the rest of their life!

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