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Turner-Monahan, PLLC is experienced in providing high-quality representation in both simple and complex divorce proceedings. Our attorneys and staff understand that a divorce can be a difficult process, both emotionally and financially, for all members of your family. Turner-Monahan, PLLC is confident that we can assist you in creating and implementing a solution that can be beneficial for all immediate family members involved in your divorce. (Texas Family Code CHAPTER 6)

Divorce Process

A Texas divorce is initiated by one party to a marriage filing an Original Petition for Divorce in the county in which that party has resided for at least 90-days preceding the date of filing a petition for divorce.  In addition, a party that files a divorce in Texas must also have been domiciled in the State of Texas for the preceding six month period prior to the date of filing a petition for divorce.  Generally, there is a 60-day waiting period before a divorce can be made final.  Some divorces are uncontested, and can result in an agreement between the parties resulting in a timely resolution.  However, given the very nature of a divorce, many divorces are contested and can involve complex legal theories and take ample time to finalize.    

Property Division

Dividing the marital property can be a highly contested element of a divorce.  It is important to hire an attorney who understands the community property laws in Texas and identify what property is community and what property is separate.  High-net worth individuals should make sure their attorney is well versed in valuing assets such as closely held corporations, minerals rights, pension plans and real property.  For a more thorough discussion  of property division click here.

Child Custody

At Turner-Monahan, PLLC, we understand that the most important factor to you in your divorce involving children is your children’s best interest. A divorce proceeding involving children can be more complicated and emotionally straining than a divorce without children.  While your divorce is emotionally difficult for you, it is even more difficult on your children.  It is important to keep the focus on your children throughout the divorce to ensure their needs are taken care of.  For a more thorough discussion of child custody and visitation click here.

At Turner-Monahan, PLLC, it is our goal to provide you with experienced knowledge and sound advice to assist you in every phase of handling and finalizing your divorce, regardless of its uncontested or contested nature, while remaining sensitive to the emotional and financial stresses of your divorce.

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We are committed to fighting for your rights whether in a divorce, adoption, child custody or child support matter.